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Nowadays, Darknet is really a boom in internet articles. Discover a data breaches, Scams, Darkweb contents is really tough. Now, It's not difficult. Bullmask is a realtime search engine for Dark web. It indexes the latest information from tor sites even without censorship. Also, many users struggling to load dark web sites. Because Tor transferring the data from min 5 layer of computer nodes. So It was really slow and required Tor browser.

Bullmask solving this problem for Dark web users. If you know about Tor2web, it converts Tor traffic to clearnet traffic with proxy nodes. Tor2web has a proxy pools (,,, and more) to manage decentralized traffic conversion.

Bullmask crawling those proxy pools (,,, and more) for indexing onion sites. It has Fastest crawler and relevant core algorithm for onion site indexes.

Sucessfully, 3 million onion pages indexed! We sincerely thanks to Tor and Tor2web.

We got lots of love from Dark web users. This is why Bullmask - Tor Search Engine is popular.

Are you realize, wasting your time on tor?

Did you want to research at Darknet? Ready to enter on Bullmask.

What is Tor?

Tor is free and open-source software for enabling anonymous communication. The name is derived from the acronym for the original software project name "The Onion Router". It is developed for Privacy by US navy.

Tor Node

What is Dark Web?

Dark Web (known as the Darknet) is a tiny part of the internet. It has only 4 percentage of the internet contents. That requires specific type of softwares, Secret links and public key for access to the Dark Web contents. This web has been encrypted by different type of cryptography protocols. Dark web is used for illegal activities like Drug markets, counterfeit money exchanging, Illegal weapon dealings, Illegal Pornography, Scam and Spam, Whistleblowing, Personal information leaks and more also. Many of Dark Web users also using Bullmask like Dark Web search engines. Tor hidden services mostly are scam. So be aware to that scams.

Why Dark Web is used for illegal activities?

Dark Web

Primarly, Dark Web used for private data transcations used by Goverments and Private oraganizations. Because Dark Web is a Military grade encrypted network. So, Big brothers using this technology for research, Peoples informations, War documents, Censored documentations, Human experiment and research, confidentials and more also. Few years after this technology used for illegal activities.

What is Tor hidden services?

The Onion Routing is a concept for Private networking protocol. After Tor protocol offering a new encrypted domain extension that is .onion for hidden services. Tor makes it possible for users to hide their locations while offering various kinds of services, such as web publishing or an instant messaging server. Using Tor "rendezvous points," other Tor users can connect to these onion services, formerly known as hidden services, each without knowing the other's network identity. This page describes the technical details of how this rendezvous protocol works.

Dark Web Networks:

Tor known as Onion routing used primarily, I2P known as The Invisible Internet Project, Freenet is a peer-to-peer platform for censorship-resistant communication, ZeroNet is a decentralized web-like network of peer-to-peer communication, Loki is a privacy network which will allow users to transact and communicate privately over the internet these networks is used for Secret communication and Illegal activities. These networks are using various types of secure protocol system. All networks has different types of features and options.

What is Bullmask?

Bullmask is a Search Engine used for Encypted networks like Tor Hidden services, Torrents. Most powerful Search engine for Dark Web. Also it provides Movies and Ebooks. Search Tor hidden services with tor2web proxy.

Bullmask is not only provide powerful Tor search engine for Darkweb, it also provides powerful search engine for Torrents, Movies and Ebooks.

What is Tor2web?

Tor2web is a software project to allow Tor hidden services to be accessed from a standard browser without being connected to the Tor network. It also convert onion traffic to accessible proxy traffic for normal browsers.