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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Bullmask Movies?

Bullmask is considered to be an Indian entertainment platform with its wide variety of regional films that are available for direct streaming. You can search and watch movies from Mx player movies, Amazon prime video, Netflix, Hulu and etc.

How to download or stream new malayalam, tamil, telugu, hindi, english movies?

Some of streaming sites allows download for movies and tv shows. Simply download and watch on your video player.

How many Languages available here in Movies?

Hindi,Telugu,Tamil,English,Punjabi,Kannada,Malayalam and More than 17 Languages Available.

Is Bullmask Legal?

Yes. We only index legal streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon prime video. Bullmask is free for searching movies on multiple streaming sites at the same time.

How much money can i pay for bullmask movies?

No payment. Bulllmask is completely free. It is just a search engine for streaming sites. You can search multiple streaming services at the same time.

Why Bullmask search engine?

Bullmask is a powerful search engine for research and entertainment purposes. It index favourable websites and contents for you.